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Intersection of health, fashion and technology

(Wear OS  & watchOS)

Tiny screen on wrist glows,

Whispers health secrets untold,

World shifts in wrist's hold.

Smart bracelet's gentle light,

Guides steps, health in its delight,

Future on your arm's sight.


DrunkWatch is a system that uses your watch to determine if you are too intoxicated to drive. It analyzes your walking, writing(when entering a code) and bio sensors to  determine if you are safe to drive.

This is the power of the iWatch 4-core Neural Engine  / accelerometer / bio-sensors. 

Smartwatches are becoming more than just gadgets, transforming into essential lifestyle companions. Global shipments are predicted to surge, and these devices are revolutionizing communication, health management, and fitness. Imagine a future where your smartwatch acts as your personal health guardian, offering real-time insights and even predicting potential health issues. Join the smartwatch revolution and experience how technology seamlessly integrates into your life, changing the way you connect, stay healthy, and interact with the world. Don't miss out on the incredible potential and possibilities that lie ahead!