ZoeWear is a very early stage wearable startup focusing on real-time health analytics and diagnostics.  

Our main focus is building Zoe(“life”)Wear “wearable for life” clothing that helps keep people healthy while looking great!

The core technology is wearable sensors which analyze non-invasive biomarkers and send real-time physiological data to TensorFlow servers.  

The data is clustered and analyzed against baseline disease biomarkers.  

Continuous data collection allows for noise filtration and early detection.  

The first mobile product is called "Breathe".

The fusion of technology and fashion presents a unique opportunity to promote wellness in healthcare. Real-time physiological feedback integrated into clothing has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry. With the environment evolving faster than our brain's ability to adapt, wearable technology can help counterbalance the effects of a sedentary lifestyle and abundant food supply in developed nations.

Traditionally, fashion has focused on visual aspects and personal expression. However, with the integration of technology, clothing will not only serve as a means of personal style and social significance but also incorporate technical functionalities related to health, social interaction, and protection. Just as the primary purpose of a mobile phone has evolved beyond making calls, clothing will embrace technical functionality alongside aesthetics.

Recognizing the significance of attractiveness, it is essential to combine fashion, technology, and health in an integrated curriculum. This interdisciplinary approach ensures that technology performs optimally while also meeting aesthetic standards. By teaching fashion, technology, and health as a unified discipline, the demands of this emerging field can be effectively addressed.

Technology and Fashion
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