Fashion Philosophy

Adding tech to fashion should yield something wholly unique.

Fashion Design Philosophy

People are flowers - legs are the stem, arm are the branches, hands are the leaves and hair are the petals.  

We color beautiful flowers.

Fashion Tech Philosophy

If it is technologically perfect but ugly then no one will use it.  If it is stunningly gorgeous but technologically flawed people will forgive you!  

Never underestimate Fashion

Fashion Health Philosophy

People do not like using medical devices but the better the design/fashion the more people use it.  The more they use it the better the health outcome.  

Fashion saves lives.

One drop has won many design awards

“One Drop transcends the design of traditional glucose meters to address the emotional component of being dependent on a medical device; it provides a beautiful, modern design that can be used with pride.

The Bluetooth connected meter makes logging simple with everything stored securely and automatically on your smartphone. One Drop is designed to empower and encourage, from the first moment the box is opened. Managing your diabetes should be an integrated part of your lifestyle – something that empowers, keeps you mindful, and helps to motivate.” - Core77 Design Awards 2017

Teaching tech @ fashion designer:

should I hide this technology in the garment?

should I showcase this technology in the garment?

how can I use this technology to enhance the physical appearance of the wearer?

what else have I seen with these limitations (using this technology) in clothing?

understanding the current state of art in wearable solutions, what can I apply here?