Real time physiological feedback in clothing will revolutionize health care.

Industry is evolving our environment faster than our brain is evolving. In the developed nations food is plentiful and we do not have to exert much activity to have access to vast quantities. The intelligence which should have evolved in our brain must be moved to the technology we wear to counterbalance this effect.

Fashion has centered around visual aspects, such as color, silhouette, and fabric as the main focus. 

It has mainly been driven by personal expression and social meaning. 

Now it will add technology.

Just like the main purpose of the mobile phone is no longer to make phone calls. The main purpose of clothing will not only be for covering the body, aesthetics, personal statements and status symbols, but will now add technical functionality (health, social, protection etc …).

Building fashion, tech and health as one integrated product.

If the technology works perfect but is ugly, no one will use it. If the technology is somewhat flawed but is aesthetically gorgeous people will forgive you. Never underestimate the importance of attractiveness. We need a synergistic curriculum to meet the demands of this new field.

Fitbit shows the way

I am male 60 years of age, working a desk job for the past 20 years. At 5'9" I was 225 lbs and looking for a way to fit in an exercise program which my doctor has insisted on for the past few years but I could never seem to find the time or motivation to do so. Once the new year started I had made the decision that I would find something that would help me reach a goal of fit some type of exercise in my life. I began my research on the internet and found Fitbit. I went out and piracies the HR Charge because it met my needs I wanted to accomplish. It has now been 3 months with the feedback I receive from my Fitbit and finding ways to keep moving, I feel better, have reduced my high blood pressure and now weigh in at 185lbs.  

I only have 5 more pounds to hit my goal. I wanted to take a moment just to say thank you. 



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