Changing Fashion

Thought Points

Wearables are changing healthcare.

Wearables are ugly.

Results in not being used

New Fashion - New Technology - new Path Forward

New function of fashion

The Potential to change humanity for the better

Wearable health monitors are a part of the VA’s expanding telehealth program, which makes it easier for patients in remote areas or who have barriers to accessing health services to “see” a doctor remotely. Based on the readings on advanced wearable devices, physicians are able to conduct virtual visits with patients and develop treatment plans.

Fashion and luxury brands, on the other hand, have a deep understanding of how to create desirable personal accessories that carry and convey stylistic and social value. 

It’s worth remembering, however, that real estate on the human body is limited. People only have two wrists and one face. And personal accessories are where fashion and luxury brands make a sizable chunk of their revenues. As young technology companies slowly but surely start to develop wearables with more evolved aesthetics, will consumers still have room for bracelets, watches and sunglasses that may look good, but lack appealing functionality?

Indeed, if they don’t want to risk ceding highly lucrative and limited space on the emerging battleground of the human body, it’s time for fashion brands to take wearables seriously.

People abandon the wearable ;

If they do not it works.